Say Goodbye to Double Chins with Kybella

Kybella® Double Chin Treatment

Use Kybella Treatment to Get Rid of That Pesky Double Chin

If you want to put your best foot forward, the place to start is your face. But for some people, there’s a little extra fat under the chin that just won’t go away with diet and exercise. There’s now a treatment that removes this “double chin” by using a substance that is made by the human body. This double chin treatment, called Kybella, received FDA approval in 2015.

The Kybella treatment consists of a series of injections. The product itself is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps the body break down and absorb fats. Kybella is made from a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. It works by destroying fat cells in the skin, which prevents them from storing fat. Allergan, the company that makes Kybella, tested its chin fat treatment in two clinical trials studying more than 1,000 patients.

A single treatment can consist of as many as 50 injections of the product, according to the FDA. A patient may receive up to six single treatments but those treatments must be spaced out at least one month apart. Kybella is not a treatment that patients do themselves. The injections must be administered by a trained medical professional who, in consultation with the patient, will determine the number of injections and the number of treatments needed. But Allergan says that some patients get the results that they want in as few as two treatments.

It’s important to note Kybella’s effects are not immediate. This treatment will cause swelling under the chin, along with some numbness and discomfort. Patients usually need about three months before the treatment’s effects are fully apparent in the face. Dr. Russell Imboden has helped many patients achieve the facial profile that they want by treating them with Kybella. If you are looking for a way to get rid of your double chin, please contact us to learn more about whether Kybella is appropriate for you.

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