Appointments & Phone Policies

Appointments & Phone Policies

Dr. Russell Imboden Appointment and Phone Policies

Dr. Russell Imboden, D.O. looks forward to providing you with the highest quality medical care and services. The patient policies of Dr. Russell Imboden, D.O. are designed to help you understand how he efficiently operates in the best interest of his patients.

Scheduling Appointments

As a courtesy to all of our patients, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines related to the scope of each office visit. Your appointment will be scheduled to allow ample time to fully address the primary reason for your visit. Dr. Imboden is famous for the time and care that he gives to each patient, and we will strive to continue this process and minimize unpredictable waiting periods and minimize the inconvenience to you.

At Dr. Russell Imboden, D.O., we see patients in our office by appointment only.

Telephone Calls

Dr. Russell Imboden, D.O. staff makes every effort to answer the phone when you call during our normal office hours. Due to an exceptionally high call volume at this time, we appreciate the patience you have granted Dr. Russell Imboden, D.O.

If you are comfortable using email to communicate with Dr. Imboden, please feel free to contact our staff so you may obtain a HIPAA compliant email consent to discuss via email any scheduling requests, medical questions or concerns.

Medical Concern Calls

Patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment to discuss all medical concerns with Dr. Imboden directly. If you don’t believe your concern warrants a visit to Dr. Imboden, established patients of Dr. Imboden, D.O. may email our office and patient care staff with any questions that may relate to their medical care or appointment status. While email is one option to contact our staff, you are welcome to contact the office and leave a voicemail if we are not able to answer live. Whether email or voicemail, please leave your name and date of birth, give a brief description of why you are calling and the best number to reach you. Our staff will not be able to answer your questions without accessing your medical record and, in most cases, your questions will need to be discussed with Dr. Imboden before you may receive a response. Please allow time for our staff to speak with Dr. Imboden between patients, or after patient care has been completed.

As you are aware, Dr. Imboden and our nursing staff are very busy during the day giving our full attention to patients in the office. If you are calling between 9am and 3pm Monday through Friday, we make every effort to get back to you within the same day. If you are calling Dr. Imboden, D.O. after 3pm or over the weekend, we may not get back to you until the next business day.

E-Mail Policies

There are times where email contact is the fastest, most accurate way for our staff to communicate with you. We follow every precaution and HIPAA guideline when using email forms of communication. Your email address is only used according to the “PATIENT CONSENT FOR USE AND DISCLOSURE OF PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION” form that every patient of Dr. Russell Imboden, P.C. signs on their initial visit. We are prohibited from corresponding with or about our patients other than via the “confidential email address” that you provide us with. If you are uncomfortable with the use of email for these purposes, or if you do not check your email frequently, please do not provide us with your email address.

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