Restore Vaginal Youth & Vitality With The SHE Shot

SHE Shot

See What The SHE Shot Can Do For You

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, urinary inconsistency or other vaginal discomfort, then consider trying a new therapy that can give long-lasting results. The She Shot is a non-surgical treatment with virtually no negative side effects, which boosts your overall reproductive health and enhances your sexual response too. This revolutionary stem-cell treatment for women is available at Dr. Russell Imboden’s office as a part of the SHE Shot package. Here’s the science behind how it works:

This therapy method naturally assists your body in speeding up the process of soft-tissue healing, and it’s a branch of “PRP therapy,” or platelet-rich plasma injections. The shot rejuvenates your muscles, ligaments, and nerves to give you younger-looking, healthier skin. In other branches of medicine, Scientific American reported that even the golf professional Tiger Woods used PRP treatments to heal his knee quicker after his surgery.

PRP therapy works by taking a sample of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge, which helps to concentrate growth factors and nutrients while eliminating toxins and anti-growth factors from the blood sample. After applying topical anesthesia, the physician then injects the resulting purified blood into the treatment area, initiating a rapid healing process that can even repair micro tears in muscles, ligaments and scar tissues while promoting faster tissue growth.

Since this procedure is simple and yields fast results that enlarge the G-spot, it’s worth it to contact us at Dr. Russell Imboden’s office that serves the greater St. Louis metroplex. We’re happy to answer any of your questions, and we can explain how our SHE Shot is also a better alternative to collagen injections as well.

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