Re-Grow Your Hair With PRP + ACell Hair Restoration

PRP+Acell® Hair Restoration

Restore Your Youth with PRP + ACell Hair Restoration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved ACell Hair Re-Growth Therapy as a non-surgical method of promoting new growth of the patient’s own hair. In a typical session, Dr. Russell Imboden (Dr. I) applies PRP + ACell Hair Restoration for maximum effectiveness. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a concentration of your own blood that contains a large amount of growth factors. It helps stimulate hair follicles when injected directly into the scalp. Prior to receiving the injection, Dr. I administers a local anesthetic to numb the area completely.

ACell Explained

ACell Hair Restoration uses a medical device powered by MatriStream technology to reach the cellular level of the hair follicles in order to repair and restore damaged tissues. Before starting ACell treatment, Dr. I takes a small blood sample from you to create the PRP. ACell is an early, non-invasive approach to halting the progression of hair loss and encouraging new stem cells to grow. The goal of treatment is for you to maintain your own hair for as long as possible and to delay the necessity of using more aggressive hair replacement procedures.

Hair usually begins growing on its own within four months, although it may take as long as eight months. Some patients see impressive results within two months of treatment. You should plan to return for regular follow-up so Dr. I can monitor your progress. Some of the main benefits of this hair loss therapy include:

  • More cost-effective when compared to other methods.
  • You undergo the procedure on an outpatient basis and do not incur any scarring.
  • Recovery time is fast with no sedation required.

If you’re ready for a non-invasive treatment method that stimulates the production of your own hair follicles, contact us to learn more about ACell combined with PRP.

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