PRP Therapy with Adipose Transfer

PRP Therapy with Adipose Transfer

Get the Look You’ve Always Wanted with PRP Therapy with Adipose Transfer

PRP therapy has shown a lot of promise in cosmetic procedures. The use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has been shown to boost the production of collagen when used for cosmetic facial procedures. But is there even more you can do to help eliminate wrinkles, smooth your skin, regain your contours and restore that youthful glow? The answer is yes with PRP therapy with adipose transfer.

‘Adipose’ is the technical term for loose connective tissue which is mostly composed of adipocytes. It’s sometimes called ‘adipose fat’ or simply ‘body fat’. Most of us wish we had less of it, but it’s really very useful for the body in the proper quantities. Not only will a proper percentage of it help ensure that your body functions the way it’s intended to, but it can also be used in conjunction with PRP therapy.

The transfer of body fat (adipose) is a cosmetic procedure where your own body fat is taken and is used to re-contour your face. This procedure can do wonders to provide you more definition to the cheeks, chin, lips, and jaw-line, as well as being useful for correcting problems like hollowness around the eyes or in the cheeks. Fat transfer can even be used for making some acne scars less obvious, if not eliminating them completely. While there are many benefits to using fat transfer for facial improvement, the procedure is also used to augment breasts, be it for size, shape, or firmness.

For more information on how PRP therapy with adipose transfer can help you regain your youthful glow, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Russell Imboden to discuss the options that would serve you best, contact us.

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