PRP & Hyaluronic Rejuvenating Facelift

PRP & Hyaluronic Rejuvenating Facelift

Restore Youthful Volume and Beauty With the PRP & Hyaluronic Rejuvenating Facelift

A PRP & Hyaluronic Rejuvenating Facelift is a state of the art, no scalpel, outpatient procedure that uses your own blood, combined with platelet plasma (PRP) and hyaluronic acid (HA) to correct signs of aging and restore youthful volume and beauty.

As we age, the collagen in our skin decreases, causing out skin to sag and look droopy. Our color becomes grayer due to less blood flow, and the texture of our skin appears less smooth, causing us to look worn and tired, and adding to the look of aging.

Dr. Imboden can help combat this with the PRP & Hyaluronic Rejuvenating Facelift. By using the PRP from your own blood, and injecting it into the troubled areas, he can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. This works because the platelets contain a number of growth factors that can stimulate collagen synthesis, tissue regeneration, and cell growth. The best part is there is no downtime.

During the appointment, Dr. Imboden will draw a small amount of blood from your arm, normally around 30 or 60 milliliters,  and separate the PRP in a centrifuge. The PRP is then combined with the HA filler to create the platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). A topical cream is then applied to the area receiving the treatment to numb the site. He will then inject the PRFM. Your body will begin to use the PRFM to naturally treat the area.

Results can be noticed within 3 weeks and may last over a year.

To find out if a PRP & Hyaluronic Rejuvenating Facelift is right for you, contact Dr. Imboden’s office. We look forward to hearing from you!

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