4 Reasons to Consider Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Get the Nose You’ve Always Dreamed of with Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

First-things-first, what is a non-surgical rhinoplasty? Otherwise known as the “liquid rhinoplasty,” this minimally invasive procedure uses injectable fillers to immediately alter and shape the nose.

What is so great about a non-surgical rhinoplasty? Here are four of the best reasons to consider this procedure.

Completely Non-Surgical

There is no going under anesthesia and no scalpels. This procedure is totally non-surgical.

Quick and Painless

It takes a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the entire procedure. There is no recovery time and no scarring. A possibility of slight bruising to the injection area may occur, but that is very uncommon. Only 1 in 50 people experience this. Once the procedure has been completed, you can continue your day as normal.

The procedure is virtually painless. The affected area is numbed and ice may be applied, if requested. Ice can cause the blood vessels to tighten, which can reduce the risk of bruising.


If you are not satisfied with the outcome or you change your mind completely, the procedure is reversible. The fillers used are dissolvable by using a counter injection. The only downside, you must have this done within 24 hours of the procedure.

Not Permanent 

Like all non-surgical aesthetic procedures, the effects are not permanent which is not necessarily a bad thing. This non-surgical nose job can last up to 1 year. After that, the procedure would need to be repeated to continue to keep the shape you are looking for. If your preferences have changed, you could even alter and shape it differently.

The possibilities are endless for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

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